Portland Walking Tours

About: Our Guests

Nothing is more important to us here at Portland Walking Tours than you, our Guest. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time in Oregon, or have lived in Portland all of your life, all of our events are designed to both entertain and inform.

Our Guests come from all over the world and range in age from toddlers to our oldest Guest of 97. Since our Tours don’t use scripts, we are able to explore your interests and adapt to who is there. Since our Hunts keep everyone smiling, they transcend languages and age groups. We like it that way and with over 20,000 happy Guests we strive to keep it that way.

Usually a tour guide does nothing but talk. If you’ve been to a museum and had a docent take you around, you know what we mean. Many years ago, we learned that what makes things interesting – for you and for us – is interaction. That requires us to listen and not just talk. When you join one of our Tours or one of our Hunts, be prepared to join other Guests in this joint experience. Past Guests have returned time and time again as each event changes depending on you – our Guests.

It sounds cliche, but without you we wouldn’t be here. We know that and we will never betray that.

Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time – if you’re looking for something fun to do – come be our Guest.