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Compare Haunted Options for Halloween

October 12th, 2010

October is ghost season. True believers finally get the upper hand as the skeptics and the uncertain suspend disbelief (or pretend to) long enough to check out ghost-hunting shows like “Paranormal State,” “Ghost Adventurers” and “Ghost Hunters.” Even the most skeptical among us enjoy an occasional “fright night out,” especially if chocolate is involved.

Opportunities for ghost adventures abound. Suddenly every empty storefront, oversized bungalow and dusty church basement becomes a “haunted house” bedecked with orange and black streamers, carved pumpkins and glow-in-the-dark skeletons.

These “hauntings” can be entertaining every once in a while. But this halloween, consider the alternative:  a real ghost tour. That is, try your own hand at finding ghosts by visiting sites that have been researched and documented by experts in paranormal science.

A ghost-hunting adventure such as the “Beyond Bizarre” tour allows you to become an amateur spiritual sleuth by bringing you into the dark basements and hallways of old hotels and saloons where murders, kidnappings and other nefarious activities are known to have occurred. A good tour will provide you, the guest, with the same type of equipment, knowledge, and techniques to see for yourself if there’s anything unusual lingering behind from the “great beyond.”

A “ghost tour” is not for everyone, but then, neither is a haunted house. Click on the link below to compare whether the “haunted houses” or “ghost tour” is better for you. Choose wisely, and happy haunting!

Comparison:  Haunted House vs. Ghost Tour?

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