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Six-plus ghost-hunting tips from a Portland pro

October 18th, 2013

If you’re going to explore the Great Beyond and Portland’s bizarre, wacky side this Halloween, the advice of professional paranormal researcher Ben Robison, founder of paranormal research group “Autonomous Studies of the Enigmatic and Paranormal,” is worth taking to heart.

Way Beyond Bizarre Walking TourBen will be joining our Way Beyond Bizarre walking tours, a special hands-on intensive exploration of Portland’s haunted past – and present – that begin next week. If you join this special tour, you’ll get to meet Ben, learn ghost-hunting techniques and get hands-on with great gear in a small, intimate group setting, as well as visit some spots not normally available on our regular Beyond Bizarre tour.

Here are some tips from Ben when you ghost hunt:

1. Never enter a haunted premises without permission. (We’ve taken care of that for you on our tours.)

2. Always carry ID.

3. Never go alone. (On tours, you’re always in a small group.)

4. Make sure your equipment is clean. (The K-II EMFs we supply on tours are always in top shape.)

5. Be respectful of the deceased.

6. Get the full story. Don’t rely on only one source or witness.

Want 6 more tips – plus advice on using EVP’s, taking pictures of the paranormal, and more? Visit Ben’s site to learn more.