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Does the mother in your life have enough chocolate?

May 9th, 2013

Does the mother in your life have enough chocolate?

(Hint: The answer is always “No.”)

Well, in case it has crept up on you unawares, we felt you ought to know that this Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day. And we have the perfect solution for her insufficient supply and variety of chocolate.

Give her decadence. In particular, Chocolate Decadence. A tour dedicated to all things chocolate.

She’ll thank you for indulging her with chocolate in myriad forms. Be it whipped, melted, or served as a drink, she’ll master the subtleties of chocolate in its various forms and types.

And she’ll remember you as the best son, daughter, husband, etc. EVER.

And if touring with her on Mother’s Day isn’t an option, buy a Gift certificate so you can bring her on one or more of these tours at a time most convenient to you her. We’ll make sure you receive your ready-for-printing (and framing?) certificate well before you surprise her with breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.

The greatest thing about these ideas? You can take care of it right now, so you won’t be panicking on the morning of May 12. Get ahead of the game – Buy now!