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Five non-traditional V-Day gifts

February 12th, 2013

So you don’t like to be trapped by Hallmark Holidays… but you don’t want to fall into the “careless jerk” category (i.e., not treating your sweetie special on Valentine’s Day). What to do?

Here’s five non-traditional ways to say “I love you”:

1. Tickets to the Portland Jazz Festival, February 15-24. How convenient that it starts the day after V-day!

2. Wurstfest in Mount Angel, February 15 -16 – Did you (or he/she) miss Octoberfest? Portland gives you a second chance to pair up great German sausage and beer.

3. Great Balls of Fire Fundraiser, February 10 – 28. Salvador Molly’s annual fun-raiser has netted over $45,000 for Oregon HEAT, which helps poor folks pay their heating bills. Won’t that just warm your heart? You bet it will. You get to eat some pretty hot stuff at Molly’s along the way. Definitely fun – and it shows what a soft heart you have.

4. How about a movie? Before you start snoring, keep in mind that the Portland International Film Festival is underway (February 7-23) with some great lesser-known and independent filmmakers gracing our area screens. What better way to impress with your incredibly cultured mind?

5. Chocolate Decadence Tour Gift Certificate. While we would love for this to be a tradition for you, the truth is, we limit the size of the tour group. So only about 16 of you can take advantage of this great idea at once. But – a gift certificate allows you to give twice: once on Thursday, when he/she opens the envelope and gives you that oh-you’re-amazing! smile; and then when your darling takes the tour. You are brilliant.