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Portland’s Fall Arts Expo is Good for Portland

September 19th, 2013

Portland’s arts and hospitality industries are coming together – and it’s a very good thing for Portland.

The 2013 Fall Arts Expo runs today at Portland’5 Center for the Arts (formerly known as PCPA) from 1-5 PM. Representatives of Portland’s major performing and visual arts and hospitality organizations will gather, mingle, exchange news, and all together get ready for the big season ahead, bringing great cultural options to Portland.

Organized by the Portland Concierge Association and sponsored by groups such as Travel Portland, Travel Oregon, Big Red Arrow, and of course Portland Walking Tours, the event will feature over 30 exhibitors ranging from theater, comedy and music to visual arts and even the culinary arts.

We’re excited to see the PCA take this on after the Expo’s long hiatus. Portland works better as a city when we support each other – which starts with knowing what our compatriots in the industry are doing.

It will help us give good advice to tour guests as to what to do next after a tour. (Hopefully, some other groups will recommend a tour or two, eh?) And the concierges around town will have first-hand knowledge of what’s coming up.

We’ll be at the Fall Arts Expo. Will you?