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Mistakes were made – and that’s a good thing

September 25th, 2013
Mistakes Were Made at Artists Repertory Theater

Mistakes Were Made at Artists Repertory Theater

Our good friends at Artists Repertory Theater open a new show this week, aptly and ironically titled “Mistakes Were Made.”

We mean no disrespect. ART’s own PR people are making no bones about the fact that the play’s lead actor was replaced five days before the original opening date – by the play’s director, Michael Mendelson, who was also making his directorial debut at ART.

But there’s great reason for them to not be shy about the change. Mendelson is a tremendous actor and director. And by all accounts he has not only mastered the role in a short time – he has made it his own.

In other cities, a story like this would be scandal. In Portland, we take pride in having such talented folks available, willing to step in and save the day – and do a masterful job in the process.

If you’re in town this weekend – and if you can find tickets – we recommend it.