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A great city needs great theater. And Portland has it.

January 23rd, 2013

In the mid-1970’s, Portland lacked many of the amenities that made for a great city – great art, great theater, great performance art, great transit, great food.

Now it has all of the above.

This Friday, the 2013 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works opens with over 80 shows in dozens of venues all around the city. All brand-new original works from mostly local playwrights will take the stage, featuring the city’s best actors, directors, dancers, musicians and venues.

And you can see it all for $50 – less than the cost of a decent meal.

Like Wordstock, the Oregon Brewer’s Festival and a few other home-grown works of excellence, festivals like Fertile Ground contribute to making Portland more interesting, more cultured, more artistic, more vibrant… in a word, great.

Highly recommended.

And, keep it up, Portland.