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Don’t miss Original Practice Shakespeare

July 19th, 2011

I love walking people through Director Park for its clean and fresh appeal as Portland’s newest park addition, but there is an even bigger reason to get there this weekend: Original Practice Shakespeare.

This is not your average Shakespeare. This is Shakespeare on laughing gas. This fun and eclectic group manages to keep anyone interested in Shakespeare with their almost game-style show. It’s called Original Practice Shakespeare because they believe that they are performing Shakespeare in its original form. Actors receive a cue script which only gives them their entrances, exits, and their lines. That’s right, they have no idea what or who else is on stage when they say their lines. Oh yeah, and they also don’t rehearse.

Shakespeare comes alive with new moments sparkling to perfection each time the play is performed. Playful interjections are made by the show “prompter” who makes sure to keep actors on stage and on page in this improv-style rodeo. If an actor misses a cue or a line (which, when nothing is rehearsed, has a tendency to happen) the “prompter” steps in with their Captain Von Trapp whistle to keep everything right on pace.

With an evening full of laughs I am betting this will be one of the best FREE events happening this weekend.

Check them out at www.opsfest.org. Or just go:  Friday, July 22nd at 7pm in Director Park across from Fox Tower.