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Fun Activities in Portland That Will Bring You Way Back

January 18th, 2016

For you adults out there who are just a bunch of kids at heart, check out these fun activities happening all across Portland. Trust us, you’ll feel younger just reading this!

1. Grownup drinks and science hijinks

Think OMSI, a truly amazing science museum in the Portland Metro area, but at night with beer and like-minded folk exploring science themes in fun and thought-provoking ways. That’s OMSI After Dark! omsi.edu


Photo courtesy of OMSI on Facebook

2. Get outside and play

Regardless of the season, getting outside to play is always a good idea. Make and jump in huge leaf piles in the fall, have a snowball fight in the winter, have a sprinkler slip ‘n slide party in the summer, and just about any time, gather a big group of adults together in a park and get your hide-and-seek on! And to pump up the stakes, the last person found wins a trophy or something similarly awesome (a drink or appetizer at the nearest pub, perhaps?).


Photo courtesy of Nick on Flickr

3. Paint and Sip at Mimosa Studio

What’s better than painting some pottery while sipping on free margaritas?! The fact that pottery prices start at just $15. Margarita Nights are the last Friday of the month. mimosa-studios.com


Photo courtesy of Mimosa-Studios.com

4. Retro flashback at Ground Kontrol

Remember when you used to go to the arcade with your besties and a pocket full of quarters? Well Ground Kontrol gives you that same experience plus so much more. With 60 classic video games, 27 pinball machines, and a full bar, this is definitely one of the hot spots in town. groundkontrol.com


Photo courtesy of Pouregon on flickr

5. Go Back to School

With beer, cocktails, and wine available in old classrooms, uniquely designed guest rooms, and a movie theater in the old auditorium, the McMenamins Kennedy School is where it’s at!


Photo courtesy of McD22 on flickr

6. Have Some Dessert

Remember those days when you heard that wonderful iconic melody, stopped everything you were doing, and ran as fast as you could to catch that ice cream truck driving away? Well don’t you worry, P-town has a plethora of amazing ice cream spots. No running required. rubyjewel.comcoolmoonicecream.comsaltandstraw.com


Photo courtesy of eyeliam on flickr

7. Enjoy a day at Oaks Amusement Park

Nothing brings you back quite like roller skating to old-school music, screaming on amusement park rides, puttin’ around on a mini golf course, and playing lots of carnival games. oakspark.com


Photo courtesy of ocean yamaha on flickr

Article by Adriana Bordea

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