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Hello 2016! Local Portland Businesses Help Us Keep Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

January 6th, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 has started off with a bang, and even brought some unexpected snow to Portland! We made it through, and we know more exciting things are in store. If you’re like most people, you’re feeling the thrill of a fresh beginning as you welcome the chance to wipe the slate clean from the mistakes and overindulgences of the past year. There is something exhilarating and hopeful about putting our resolutions in place to become thinner, healthier, wealthier versions of ourselves and have all of our carb, caffeine, alcohol, and spending habits under control, not to mention our alarm clocks set one hour earlier to get to the gym at least five days a week. Sounds like a lot of work. Is there a way to set meaningful goals and have fun reaching them too? We think so.

Forget those typical, dull run-of-the-mill NY’s resolutions — the kind built on deprivation and discipline. Those are so 2015. You don’t need to become whole a new you . . .you’re great as you are! But we suspect you could get excited about keeping resolutions that would result in an enhanced version of you, and instead of sheer willpower to get there, you would be motivated by joy and fulfillment. What if achieving your 2016 NY’s resolutions led to health and happiness and as a bonus, and you and local Portland businesses supported each other in the process? Now we’re talking. Here are 5 resolutions that we promise will put a smile on your face.

1. Energize Yourself


Photo courtesy of Greenleaf on Facebook

We’re not trying to sneak in fresh organic juices so you can diet (the dreaded D word), we just know that all of that liquid green goodness and vitality can help fuel the many things you are looking forward to experiencing in 2016. And we’re definitely not suggesting you go cold turkey on your double caramel lattes — just occasionally slurp a yummy creation from one of these two local places and notice the difference in your energy level. You might even find yourself making a habit out of it!

With 4 locations in Portland including one of the city’s first food carts, you’re bound to find a Kure Juice Bar near you! As they like to say, “Life’s better with balance.” Concoctions like Liquid Sunshine and Dr. Thrive are enticing just by their names alone.

Greenleaf Juicing Company also has 4 locations in Portland including a food cart that is moving to a new destination in 2016. And we agree with them that “Living healthy is living more.” Order the Zest in Show and you’ll feel first class energy for sure!

2. Relax


Photo courtesy of ashiyu.com

We know life is stressful. 2015 was stressful, and 2016 probably will be as well. But here are a few places that provide treatments that will leave you with a sense of peace and tranquility, and definitely not break the bank in the process . . . because paying out the nose for relaxation is definitely not relaxing.

Ashiyu: Wellness and Foot Reflexology Spa is a little slice of tranquility in the middle of the NW neighborhood. This spa feels like a true exotic retreat to another land. They offer lovely foot soaks, reflexology treatments, and far-infrared sauna sessions to leave you feeling relaxed throughout your whole body and tide you over ‘til your next visit! They even give you ionized alkaline drinking water to heal you from the inside out. Don’t you feel more relaxed just hearing about this place?

At the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine you’ll find top notch affordable acupuncture and massage treatments from masters students honing their craft as they become budding gurus — what a wonderful offering to the Portland community! Both the Chinese tuina and Japanese shiatsu methods are practiced, leaving us to say, here’s to your qi flowing freely in 2016! With two locations for clinics, OCOM is a great option for achieving your relaxation resolution.

3. Create Something


Photo courtesy of adxportland.com

Portland is a city of creatives . . . we love making things and putting our own unique stamp on them. We have an undeniable urge to use our hands and minds for artistic purposes. These two places can help you create your own masterpiece as you proudly say, “I made that!”

SCRAP PDX is crafting heaven at crazy low prices! You can stock up on arts and crafts items as well as school, office, and party supplies that are all — get this — donated, and thus super cheap. Digging for crafting gold and knowing that you are saving incredible amounts of materials from being wasted into the environment is inspiring, isn’t it? Since the inventory is ever changing according to donations, SCRAP can get your creative juices flowing in unexpected ways each time you visit.

ADX (Art Design Portland) is a 14,000-square-foot facility that fosters “building a community of thinkers and makers” through the practice of sharing resources and creativity. Need tools? Need space? Need the know-how to figure out how to do a project or even launch a company? This is the place. You’ll find a wood shop, metal shop, design and prototyping tools, and so much more, and with flexibility ranging from buying just a day pass to becoming a monthly member, you can try out your options. This is taking DIY to a whole new level, Portland style.

4. Learn Something New


Photo courtesy of portlandastrology.org

Learning is fun, it’s good for our brain, and connects us to others with similar passions. How about these two local schools to help you unlock the key to new worlds?

Ahhh Italy. Who doesn’t love the thought of learning about the beautiful Italian language, culture, and cuisine? La Scuola Italiana di Portland (doesn’t that just roll off of your tongue) offers language classes for both children and adults, in addition to travel essentials and wine courses for adults. Before you know it you’ll be saying more than just “pasta primavera” and “ciao bella” like a native!

Looking for the big picture (and we mean the really big picture, the one involving the sun, moon, stars, and planets)? The Portland School of Astrology offers many options of in-person and online courses, workshops, conferences, and digital downloads to help you learn the language of the stars. With their motto of “Evolving Consciousness,” you’ll succeed in expanding your horizons in a mighty fashion.

5. Get Better Sleep


Photo courtesy of Aweisenfels on Wikimedia Commons

OK we know, we know, if only you got to bed earlier, if only your partner didn’t snore, if only you could quiet your mind enough to fall asleep before 2 AM, if only the dog didn’t end up on your pillow halfway through the night, if only… Well, we say, if only you would visit Parklane Mattresses you would see that giving yourself the gift of a new mattress would put you miles ahead of the sleep game for not only 2016, but years to come.

Parklane embodies what we love about Portland — they put out an exceptional product that is locally and sustainably made, take great care to be budget-friendly and are committed to recycling. When you visit one of their locations including the one downtown in the Pearl, you can spend some relaxing time trying out mattresses without the stressful hassle of haggling over prices. Their prices are their prices, and this company operates direct to consumer so they can use premium materials and still keep the bottom line very modest. When you order your mattress (picking from models with names like The Pettigrove and The Hawthorne), it is made just for you in Tualatin, and driven out in a truck carrying only other new mattresses. A second truck arrives at the same time to pick up your old mattress and recycle it if you wish. No mixing of old and new – these people have thought of everything! No wonder they’ve been around for almost 100 years. “A good day starts with a good night’s sleep,” says Parklane, and we couldn’t agree more!

Article by Natasha Kelly


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