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It’s Official! The Rose Festival is Portland’s Official Festival

January 13th, 2010

It’s long been Portland’s biggest event… (Remember all those years of duck tape, sidewalk chalk, and packs of lawn chairs tethered to to the lamp posts of families jockeying for spots along the parade route?) Well… the Rose Festival may have always been the unofficial biggest event of the year, but now it can hold its head even higher because the City Council just made it official. Or to put it in governmentese “the official festival of the City of Portland.”

And just to prove that when it rains it pours… or in the case of the Rose Festival, that it always rains… the Rose Festival got the added bonus of an official airline. Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air announced that they will be the official airlines of the Portland Rose Festival.

You can find out more at the Rose Festival’s official site: www.rosefestival.org