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Piano. Push. Play. Music and Art Gracing the Streets, Parks, and Establishments of Portland

July 1st, 2016

Photo courtesy of Natasha Kelly

Imagine you woke up one day and were told that many beautifully decorated pianos had arrived in the coolest locations around Portland for anyone to play. You’d think you were dreaming, right? Well, thanks to the organization Piano.Push.Play., you’re not! They rescue pianos from local piano companies, send them to local designers to put their individual creative stamp on them, and then deliver them every summer to various places in downtown and other areas of Portland. Finding and playing the pianos has become a much awaited activity for many people and every year the number of pianos grows. This year there are 20. Yes, 20! And wait till you see them! Magnificent, magical, colorful, unique, whimsical . . . each one is incredibly special. Their visual splendor alone is reason to seek out these pianos.

Where can you find these precious instruments? In scenic parks with great photo ops such as Mount Tabor, Laurelhurst, Council Crest, and Cathedral Park; to downtown locations such as the Art Museum courtyard, City Hall, and the Oregon Historical Society; to establishments such as Doug Fir Lounge, ADX, and Tidbit Food Farm & Garden food cart pod — oh yes, we are serious, there are pianos everywhere! But they won’t be here forever, and they move around, too, so to keep up with their whereabouts be sure to download the free app, sign up for the PPP newsletter, or follow them on Facebook.

Whether you are an accomplished pianist with Chopin in your back pocket, or chopsticks is more your speed, go find a piano and play your heart out. It’s an experience you won’t forget, and neither will the passersby who are lucky enough to be a part of your musical joy. These pianos are a treat for the eyes, ears, and need we say spirit. Because really, whose day isn’t improved by the happy sounds of a piano being played? For more information, and to see all the pianos, visit the Piano. Push. Play website. 

Article by Natasha Kelly

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