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Portland Ranked #1 Best City for Food, Beer, Coffee & More!

November 20th, 2015

We can’t help but feel proud when Portland makes it onto another top list. In fact, we’ve made so many top lists we could be on a top list for the city that’s made the most top lists. Some of them are an obvious assertion of what Portland is all about, while others are a little more surprising. Here are a few that will either confirm or challenge what you think of P-Town and its unique traits, with explanations on why Portland is ranked #1 best city for food, beer, coffee, strip clubs, and more.

#1 Top Green U.S. City


While walking down the streets of Portland, the vibe of sustainability and eco friendliness surrounds you. Not only are we thoughtful about our convenient garbage can placement and our recycling and composting practices, but you might even see a few solar panels atop the buildings.


Photo courtesy of Sam Churchill on flickr


#1 Best Beer City


Simply put, we LOVE beer and we’ve got A LOT of it! According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, Oregon is #1 in breweries per capita. There are currently 58 breweries in Portland, and 84 in the Portland metro area.


Photo courtesy of Danielle Griscti on flickr


#1 Best Coffee City


We also LOVE coffee and have A LOT of that too! The only thing better than a warm cup of coffee on a cool autumn day is knowing that the beans used in a Portland coffee shop were likely sustainably sourced, locally roasted, and perfectly prepared.


Photo courtesy of Adam Sawyer


#3 Quirkiest City in America


Quirky, eccentric, outlandish, and of course weird, P-Town has been called many things, and we’re totally okay with that. People truly make this city their own, whether they’re scarfing down a Voodoo Doll doughnut or riding a bike with 13,000 fellow naked people in the World Naked Bike Ride. “Keep Portland Weird” is a mantra we vivaciously support.


Photo courtesy of Paul Kline on flickr


#3 Best Places for Business and Careers


Some might be a little shocked to learn that we’re #3 on a “businesses and careers” top list. The show Portlandia even makes fun of us by saying that “Portland is a city where young people go to retire,” suggesting that our young generation is not employed, and by choice. But keep in mind we do have six large colleges providing quality education and training, we are a city that loves to support our local businesses, and an increase in tourism to our awesome city has contributed to the success of our local businesses as well.


Photo courtesy of ANDREA JANDA on flickr


#1 Highest Number of Strip Clubs Per Capita


Who would have thought?! We are very diverse and quirky and that pertains to our strip clubs too. Want a strip club with a vegan menu and has you tip the dancers using $2 bills? You got it! Only in Portland.


Photo courtesy of Brett Neilson on flickr


#3 Most Bikeable City


Rumor has it that a lot of Portland peeps are upset that we didn’t take first place for most bikeable city. With huge packs of bicyclists at rush hour, bike shops in every neighborhood, and even the new Tilikum Crossing, the only bridge in the country dedicated solely to light rail, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians (without automobile traffic), it sure feels like we should be #1.


Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Transportation on flickr


#1 City With the Most Food Trucks


Yes, yes, yes!!!! Portland has A LOT of food carts from Italian to Mexican, Vegan to Paleo, we’ve got it all! If you don’t know which one to choose, come on the Flavor Street Walking Tour with us and try samples from 7-9 different food carts, all in one afternoon! Order tickets by calling 503-774-4522 or online at portlandwalkingtours.com. Warning: the food you’ll sample will blow your mind.


Photo © Portland Walking Tours

As you might have guessed, one of the best ways to get the real insider’s scoop on what makes Portland so unique is by taking one or more of our seven different tours, guided by a Resident Expert. Because when it comes right down to it…

“We Know Portland!”

Collaborative article by Adriana Bordea and Stephanie Paris

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