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Steampunkers unite!

July 20th, 2011

This weekend is a great time to step back into a modern (?) Victorian age that never happened and join a celebration of all-things steampunk and neo-victoriana. The Portland GEAR Con starts on Friday and features fashion, music, dancing, and more. Plus, there’s an appearance from the Wanderlust Circus. Get your para-industrial gear on and sign up at http://pdxgearcon.com/.

So, what is steampunk? That’s one hard question to answer, but steampunk has always been a a literary genre of science fiction and/or fantasy that blends social and techie aspects of the 19th century (the steam) with some reinterpretation of it (the punk).

Universally, the technology takes place in the Victorian era but include advanced machines based on 19th century technology. The cool thing is the general assumption is that steam is the height of energy production and electricity and petroleum never dominates.

But the design aesthetic is what makes it even more fascinating and brings it into the real world. Think brass and copper, glass and polished wood, engraving and etching, and details for the sake of details. Think Victorian clothing and adding in technological bits and statements of an adventurous life much more than a typical Victorian citizen would have lived.

Check out GEAR Con and see for yourself.