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Tourist for a weekend

September 6th, 2011

So a good friend who shall remain nameless has come to the great land of Portland in order to have vacation and it has granted me the opportunity to be a tourist for a few days. Lincoln City, The International Rose Test Garden, and the Columbia River Gorge were at the top of the list. When we got to Lincoln City, much to my disappointment there was a heavy layer of fog. I kept apologizing to my friend, but she was insistent that it was still a spectacular experience to see the Pacific Ocean. She was not bothered at all. Then we took the trek up to Washington Park and meandered around the Rose Gardens. To experience someone not from Portland seeing and smelling every flower for the first time gave me great pride in Portland having such a tucked away secret that is so wonderful. Lastly, we headed out to the Gorge and did our best to sit still on the hot beaches at Rooster Rock. She was amazed that in so little time outside the city we had found a park that was exactly how we were looking to spend a hot lazy summer day. Looking back, I realized each experience involved a park and each one was great no matter how my Portland attitude tried to shape it. I have now vowed to stop taking advantage of the way I think about our parks. We are some lucky creatures to have all of these things in an arm’s reach.