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We’re Number 6…. for Foodies!

September 29th, 2011

Travel + Leisure Magazine just released their list of America’s Best Food Cities and little old Portland was number 6 on the list. We received props for our 200+ food carts, our farm-to-table ethos, and our outstanding craft beer. Readers were warned not to be fooled by the notion that all “Oregonians are totally health-conscious” (all though in the interests of full disclosure, most of us here at the office are totally healthy and totes buff). Of course they also gave a shout out to Voodoo Doughnut… and the breakfast-cereal encrusted (and need we mention Walt Whitman inspired) “Captain My Captain.”

Portland got beat out by the likes of by New Orleans at number 1 (OK… fair enough), San Francisco at #2 (curses!), Providence, RI (no one here at the office is quite sure where this is… presumably one of those small states on the East Coast), NYC at #4 (like, of course, cause’ everyone eats out in NYC… their apartments are way too small to make anything more than a cup of coffee), and Chicago at #5 (if you consider brats and deep-dish food). We would also be remiss if we did not point out Foodie City #7…. Seattle, WA (Wooot! Eat that Seattlites!)