Portland Walking Tours

Which food carts will we visit?

August 29th, 2012

Our Flavor Street food cart tour has been a phenomenal success this year – thank you!

Still there are doubters who will only go if they know in advance which carts we’ll hit.

Oh, ye of little faith.

There are four really strong reasons why we don’t tell you this in advance.

First, it’s not always in our control. One Friday morning, just two hours before the start of the tour, one of our most reliable food cart vendors called to say, Oops, we can’t open today. So sorry.

If we had promised folks that they could sample that specific cart, we’d have made our customers very upset – at us. Instead, we flexed our creative brain muscles… and our even stronger relationship-building muscles… and called some other partners we often work with, and had the substitution in place in plenty of time.

2, we need to be sensitive to guests who have food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Sometimes this means making a number of changes from what we’d planned to do even the day before.

iii) It would ruin the surprise, and with it, your enjoyment of the tour. I don’t know how many times we’ve offered amazing but odd-sounding concoctions to guests who wrinkled their noses at first… and then exclaimed with glee once they’ve tasted it.

D, we like to mix it up, so it’s not the same old thing every time. We want to show the world that we have dozens of great options to choose from – and the only way to do that is to show them off on the tour. That means eight or so today, and perhaps a different set tomorrow.

All we’ll tell you is this:  you’ll taste at least seven or eight different offerings from a variety of carts, it’ll be different than you ever would have guessed, it’ll be a solid mix of different foods, and it’ll be delicious.

No matter which specific cart you hit.