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5 Great Meals Around $5 Each for the Frugal Portland Foodie

April 8th, 2016

In most cities, including our own Portland, we know it can sometimes be difficult to find inexpensive dining options that also embody the flavors and essence of a great meal. Most would agree that high quality and sustainable foods are the most desirable choice, yet some of us just do not have the funds. Good news! We found some food spots in Portland where you can actually get a meal for around $5, not including tip of course. You heard us right! And some of these restaurants are actually outside of downtown which means you’ll be hitting up the spots of devout locals. You’ll be a true Portland foodie by the end of your expedition, and without even breaking the bank!

1. King Burrito (2924 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97217)


Image courtesy of Michelle H. on Yelp

Even though this Mexican food joint isn’t your typical Portland hipster feel, let us tell you a little something — most hipsters will go here for some good ole grub, especially during dinner time. With their diverse menu of tacos, chimichangas, chili cheese fries, and our favorite, the actual “King Burrito” itself, not only will your wallet be happy, but your tummy as well. kingburritomexicanfood.com

2. Grilled Cheese Grill (Check website for various locations)


Image courtesy of Eli Duke on Flickr

Ever crave childhood food your mom used to make? Look no further, this place has you covered. With a location in downtown and one on the popular Alberta street, where you can literally eat in a decked out school bus, this place will bring back memories galore. Their specialty if you haven’t guessed it is grilled cheese sandwiches. And don’t forget, you get chips and a pickle spear with your meal. So tasty! grilledcheesegrill.com

3. Pips Original (4759 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97213)


Image courtesy of Regina W. on Yelp

This quaint little cafe known for its fresh-to-order mini doughnuts is what the true locals know about, and there’s a reason for that. It’s simply one of the best spots in town, and did we mention you can get a dozen mini doughnuts for free on your birthday?! They even have one drizzled with Nutella and another with raw honey and sea salt. Have one, two, or twenty paired with some of their specialty chai teas and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. (Yes, we are suggesting donuts and tea for a meal!) squareup.com/market/pips-original

4. Thai Peacock (219 SW 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97205)


Image courtesy of Daniel C. on Yelp

Located near popular bars and shops including the famous Powell’s Book Store, this comfort Thai food spot is what we crave, especially for their small plate and happy hour prices being so inexpensive in the downtown area. With their variety of food options including favorite standbys like crab and cream cheese wontons, lobster balls, and salad rolls, this is what makes customers come back again and again. thaipeacockpdx.com

5. E’Njoni Cafe (910 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217)


Image courtesy of Sim L. on Yelp

Super popular with vegetarians in town, this joint specializes in Ethiopian and African samplings and tastings. Try their sweet deals including a appetizing falafel sandwich or lentil soup, but most suggested was the Veggie Feast platter, that is raved about even by meat-lovers. Sharing it with a date or a few friends keeps costs down, and with their family-style way of eating and comfy ambiance, you’ll forget that you’re in one of the hippest cities in the country. enjonicafe.com

Article by Adriana Bordea

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