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Grab a snack at the Portland Farmer’s Market

August 2nd, 2011

I am sometimes (no, usually) guilty of taking a detour on the way back to the office to snack on fresh berries, tomatoes, and cheese from local farmers at one of Portland’s weekly Farmer’s Markets. The love I have for browsing the local produce and sampling is probably a bit too immense. The lush greens and bright berries align themselves like an impressionistic painting on a sunny Oregon day and all feels well.

I usually walk away with a few goodies thinking that Portland is the greatest city because we have access to so many wonderful things, like the fresh honey in my bag.

One reason to be thankful is the Urban Growth Boundary put in place by the Columbia Region Association of Governments (later Metro) in 1977. The Urban Growth Boundary has left our city with excellent access to all of these small, mostly organic farms surrounding the city. With the farms having easy access to the city and the people having easy access to the farms, we are one lucky bunch of people.

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