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In Portland, Oktober begins in September

September 7th, 2012

Portlanders do love their beer fests. So much so that we hate letting a week go by without pitching some tents, rolling out some barrels, and lifting our steins in good cheer.

While Portland’s summer months boast the huge celebrations like the Organic Beer Festival, the Oregon Brewer’s Festival and the International Beer Festival, September is no slouch, with at least three major Oktoberfests getting underway, one per weekend.

So, why September, and not Oktober?

Actually, Oktoberfest celebrations round the world begin in September, and well they should. The original celebration began in celebration of King Ludwig’s marriage in 1803. While the wedding took place in October, the celebrations leading up to the great event began on the fall Equinox, around September 22.

Here are the upcoming Portland Oktoberfests: