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Oregon has 5 breweries in top 50 for the U.S.

April 15th, 2009

Even though we’re known for our small artisan breweries, we’re thrilled to say that Oregon has placed 5 breweries in the top 50 breweries in the country according to the Brewer’s Association. Based on 2008 sales volume, the local breweries include Craft Brewers Alliance (aka Widmer) at #7, Deschutes Brewery at #12, Full Sail Brewing at #17, Rogue Ales/Oregon Brewing Co. at #36 and BridgePort Brewing Co. at #44.

Oregon also came in third in a new ranking of breweries per capita with 93 breweries! We meet a lot of people who say that Portland has more breweries per capita than any other city in the world, but this is not true. Forget that per capita nonsense. Simply said, we have more breweries than any other city in the world. The January 2009 count was 36, but we know of 2 more that opened since this was posted in mid-April 2009. The next city down from there is Stuttgart Germany, which had a December 2008 count of 29.

On our morning Epicurean Excursion, we go behind-the-scenes at a local craft brewery and give you insights in the differences between Microbreweries, Brewpubs, Contract Brewing Companies, and Regional Craft Breweries. If you want an in-depth beer exploration, checkout our Brewery Tour.

Talking about beer, be sure to visit the 22nd annual Oregon Brewers Festival, one of the nation’s longest-running and best-loved craft beer festivals. It’ll take place July 23 through July 26 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. It’s the event that brings together 80 craft breweries, 2,000 volunteers and 70,000 beer lovers for a four-day summer celebration of American craft beer.