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How to Make the Most of the Last Days of Summer with Portland’s Hottest Rooftop Bars

September 12th, 2017

If your list of “bars to try in Portland” feels like an ever-expanding bucket list, you’re not alone. The plethora of choices in this town can be downright overwhelming. And with the last days of summer in sight, you may be especially feeling the crunch. It’s time to move Portland’s hottest rooftop bars to the top of that list.

If you’re like too many Portlanders and you dismiss downtown as being “for the tourists,” you could be missing out on what may qualify as the hottest rooftop bar of them all. Departure sits like a well-appointed cloud on top of The Nines Hotel and scores top marks across the board. With inventive Asian bar snacks by Top Chef runner-up Gregory Gourdet, signature cocktails that lean in the same direction (think Tasho Macho), and Instagram-worthy views at every turn, you cannot lose here. Skip the weekend scene and head on up any weeknight as close to their 4 o’clock opening as you can.

Eventually, you’ll want to trade in those birds-eye vistas for something a little more down-to-earth. Ever since it opened, the rooftop patio of 10 Barrel Brewing has enticed beer-loving patrons with no less than 20 taps and its own squirrels-eye view of the Pearl. It’s only on the second floor but it’s high enough to make all the difference in a corner of the Pearl with more single-story buildings than condos.

It’s hard to view downtown when you’re in it. So head east to converted high school Revolution Hall, where the newest addition to the drink-and-dine complex is its rooftop bar. More than any other, Revolution Hall’s Roof Deck, as it’s named, represents the Portland long-time locals have come to know and love. No pretension, no trying. Like Portland itself, it’s just an effortlessly hip and relaxed place to soak up the glorious summer sun.

None of us wants to admit it, but soon enough the clouds will roll in over Portland. You know you’ll spend a good part of that long dark stretch recalling a time when the sunshine warmed your bones and the drinks cooled you down when the sun got too hot. That time, my friends, is now.

Article by Thyra Roth

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