Portland Walking Tours

Welcome to Portland, food bloggers!

August 23rd, 2012

Portland’s reputation as a major “foodie” city has bumped up a notch… and is likely to rise up further, after this week.

The International Food Bloggers conference swings into Foodvana this weekend for a three-day extravaganza August 24-26, extolling the virtues and expanding the scope of all great things food-related – on-line.

So if you see a group of (even more than usual) very knowledgeable peeps queuing up, iPods and smartphones in hand, at some great food joints… or even ones you didn’t know were great food joints… you may want to jump in line with them.

They know what they’re doing. (They probably saw this video.)

You might even spot a few of them on a Flavor Street, Epicurean Excursion or Chocolate Decadence tour. After all, they are the experts… and they want the best.