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What every food cart customer needs

August 9th, 2011

Like any true Portlander I do my fair share of food cart consumption at our over 600 food carts. I have seen the even better Portlanders with their home containers walking up to any number of carts asking not to waste the paper/container their yummy goods would normally come in. When I see those people I am struck with guilt at my own inability to produce less waste. As it turns out, that is illegal! It is against the law for a food cart to prepare food and put it in your own container.  So I don’t have to feel so bad after all.

But, in the end I still feel pretty bad.

Luckily, there is this new handy dandy program for those attempting to cut back on their waste guilt levels. GO box. You can buy a container for $8.50 and then give it back, exchange for a token and next time you get a meal at the food carts they will give you a new GO Box. It is microwave safe and you don’t even need to clean it before returning it. I will forever be relieved of my wasteful food cart guilt!

I can’t wait to pick one up. Find out more at www.goboxpdx.com.