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Cooperation & Collaboration are Team Essentials

April 29th, 2009

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a loop at work being passed around to several different people only to find that your problem is no nearer to being solved?  Some people identify their power in their job as the ability to say “no”, or to route work away from themselves. This creates a culture of competition and avoidance, which diminishes productivity.

In order to counteract these symptoms, it’s important to foster a “yes” culture that engages challenges rather than avoids them. One of the ways is to put your employees in the way of activities that encourage active collaborations, where they are forced to work as a team and begin understanding each others’ value in problem solving. Our hunts provide an excellent forum for this dynamic to get established and grow. Some of our more advanced packages provide a facilitator who helps your team decompress and understand their dynamics in the game. This also allows your employees to discuss how they approach collaboration in the work environment by comparison.