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Summer 2008 Newsletter

July 10th, 2008

Explore Portland this Summer – On or Off the Clock

Summer 2008

On the Clock: Colleagues, Clues and a Little Competition
It’s summer and that often triggers rumblings of the (sometimes dreaded) “co-worker bonding” activity. If you’re tired of team building over mini-golf and the ropes course outings are getting a bit awkward, there’s good news! The Portland Walking Tours clan has created an exciting alternative to your typical team-building exercise. Whether you’re personally planning an upcoming corporate event or have heard watercooler rumors of one happening, spread the word about the new interactive, fully customizable Hunts available in Portland.

Instead of a typical “grab and go” scavenger hunt, these unique Hunts provide teams as small as 10 or groups as large as 300 with tricky and humorous questions, combined with collaborative “missions” to be accomplished. Some questions are logistical, while others engage the abstract thinkers or artistic members of the group. Each team must rely on the talents of teammates to solve riddles that lead to new clues and locations.

Hunt options include Artistry in Motion (inside the Portland Art Museum), City Quest (outside in downtown Portland), Pearl Hunting (in the trendy Pearl District), and Check It Out (inside the downtown Central Library). Call us today at 503-774-4522 with questions or…

If the “On the Clock” Hunt sounds like Saturday fun, you’re in luck! For one day only, we’re doing a public Hunt and all are invited. Register a whole team or just show up and we’ll match you with one! Saturday, July 26 at 10 a.m. – tickets and more information online.

Off the Clock: First Thursday Walks in the Pearl
Looking for something fun to fill the summer nights? Portland Walking Tours is offering three limited edition “Mother of Pearl” walks during the festive First Thursday evenings in the Pearl District. Experience the transformation of Portland’s treasured neighborhood as the guided walk winds through the innovative architecture, sustainable living features, outdoor parks and abundant art galleries. Our favorite highlights are the Benson Bubbler for dogs and the real story about the naming of the Pearl District. Discounted tickets are already selling for 6:30 p.m. on July 3rd, August 7th, or September 4th.

Resident Expert Trivia: Are You in the Know?
Portlanders have a lot to brag about, but we bet there are a few fun facts that still may surprise you. Did you know Lloyd Center Mall was once the largest shopping center in the U.S.? Or that women were once arrested for “disorderly praying”?

How about this one – Today, we cheer on our town’s junior hockey team, the Winterhawks. But Portland was once home to the first professional hockey team in the country. What was the name of our budding sports squad?

Name on the Badge: David
Meet the leader of our Portland Walking Tours pack, David Schargel. An Oregonian for over a decade (he’s a New York City native), David is so immersed in his adopted city, he’s become the local go-to guy for interesting facts, haunts, architecture, culinary destinations (even that Fruit Loops Voodoo Doughnut) and more.

After leaving a very successful career in technology to “get a life” and travel the world for fun instead of business, David set out to find the perfect place to settle down. After three years of traveling, he soon narrowed his choices to two cities, Melbourne, Australia and Portland, Ore. Portland won him over with its vibrant, active communities despite the rain, and he’s never looked back.

He became an active member of the Hostelling International Board of Directors and is still a resource today for travelers looking to explore the Rose city. When the Hilton Portland was seeking a new Concierge, they turned to David, and in his role as resident expert he gained an even deeper understanding of the city’s eclectic offerings. David was then elected President of the Portland Concierge Association and led the organization for two years.

It’s these intimate experiences helping visitors and exploring Portland’s neighborhoods that led to David’s launch of Portland Walking Tours. As the owner of Portland Walking Tours, David personally leads more than 75 events every year, logging countless miles on foot. He also trains and schedules our troupe of well-educated and highly engaging guides, and manages the additional services of parent company, Hometown Advantage. Considered Portland’s resident expert on local art, architecture, food and little-known facts, David is often called on as a resource for stories about the city, its history and the hottest new happenings in town.

Five Names to Know in Portland
Rose City: Our climate is favorable to the growth of these beautiful flowers and the city abounds with blooms. Portland is also home to the Rose Festival, the amazing International Rose Test Garden, and the Peninsula Park Rose Garden.

Bridgetown: It doesn’t take long to notice that Portland boasts many a bridge spanning the Willamette River in the city. From the North, there’s the St. John’s, Burlington Northern 5.1, Fremont, Broadway, Steel, Burnside, Morrison, Hawthorne, Marquam, Ross Island and Sellwood.

The Couv: Our friendly neighbors to the north, this term affectionately refers to the city of Vancouver. The hub of the fastest growing county in Washington State, many “Portlanders” call The Couv home.

Fareless Square:Ride the MAX light rail, streetcars, and buses without paying throughout this downtown area, all day, every day. The Square includes most of downtown Portland, as well as MAX stations from the Rose Quarter to Lloyd Center.

The Schnitz: This name refers to the historic Portland Publix theater, now known as “The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.” The beautiful and historic landmark is named in honor of a prominent Portland family and is home to the Oregon Symphony.

Trivia Question Answer
(If you missed the question, click here.)

The answer is one that would strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, of course – The Portland Rosebuds.

Okay, so it wasn’t the most ferocious title, but the team does deserve kudos for becoming the first United States-based squad to participate in the Stanley Cup Finals!

“You might think the tour guides at Portland Walking Tours just memorize a script and take their jobs in stride. You’d be wrong. …They are experts on the city you think you know all about.” – The Oregonian.

“If you take this tour, you may want to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming…Schargel was a delight. His knowledge and expertise of everything Portland made this tour informative and, well…lip smackingly fun!” Travel Portland on the Epicurean Excursion.

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