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Summer 2009 Newsletter

July 1st, 2009

Portland Walking Tours Summer Special

Ahhh…Summer is upon us
It’s hard to believe…but it finally feels like summer in Portland. And with summer, comes festivals, concerts, BBQs and more tour dates and times from Portland Walking Tours!

Click anywhere on the schedule to the right to learn more about the current offerings and keep on reading for a special newsletter-only offer on the yummy Epicurean Excursion and a chance to win tickets to any tour.

More Epicurean Excursions
If you like to gourmet eats and drinks (we’re not talking about Kool-Aid), you are in for a real treat. By popular demand, we cooked up yet another helping of our culinary exploration, but with a new menu of sites. Our full schedule is online and now you’ll have more chances to catch this foodie adventure.

To celebrate this, we are offering a limited time recession-busting discount of 15%! This newsletter-only offer is for any two Epicurean Excursion tickets purchased online through Labor Day. When you buy tickets, on the last step (where you enter a credit card), enter the Discount Code of “*****” (get our newsletter for these special offers – those asterisks will not work) and press Redeem. It’s that easy.

Now there’s no reason not to let your taste buds explore a side of the Portland you’ve never seen before! As always, our Epicurean Excursion is limited to small groups on each tour to preserve the flexible and personal nature of the walk so grab your tickets today before your date is sold out.

Portland Trivia Challenge
Every newsletter will now have a trivia contest. It’s a way for us to spice things up around here and a way to reward you, our very bright and talented customers. The winners will be chosen at random from all of the correct responses. The winning entry will receive a Gift Certificate good for two tickets to any walking tour.

Summer 2009 Portland Trivia Challenge: Women

1) This famous Portland author made the setting of her books in North Portland on Klickitat Street. Name the author.

2) Alice Cooper may have made it, but who dedicated the statue of Sacajawea that now graces Washington Park?

3) What Portland-area actor starred in the 1970s TV series The Bionic Woman?

The name of the winner will also be published in the next newsletter.

Name on the Badge: Herb

Herb Spice (Yes… that is really his name!) has been leading tours for us for 2 years now. He can be found leading the Best of Portland, Underground Portland and the afternoon Epicurean Excursion. When he’s not leading tours, Herb keeps himself very busy. Herb is Improv actor with ComedySportz, where he has performed for more than 11 years! He also teaches Improv classes and leads corporate team building events. He is also a character actor who has appeared in a number of films. Most recently he was in The Auteur which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

If you’re lucky enough to have Herb Spice as your guide, be sure to ask him about his two sisters… Ginger and Peppermint.

Our Five Favorite Things
Every newsletter we try to share a list of our Five Favorite Things about Portland. This month the list is just a bit sweeter than usual as we are featuring our Five Favorite Doughnuts from Voodoo!

1) Portland Doughnut: This pastry just got named the Official Doughnut of the City of Portland. Just like a Boston Cream Doughnut only better. How so you ask? Well… unlike the Boston Cream doughnut the Portland Cream has two cute little eyes on top. Which they say means Portland, unlike Boston, has VISION!

2) Texass: This doughnut is the size of your head. And if you want to save a little money, you can try out your speed-eating skills. If you can beat the clock then it’s gratis!

3) The Voodoo: Their namesake pastry is shaped like little voodoo dolls. It even comes with little pretzel “pins” for practicing your dark pastry arts. Oh… and it is filled with raspberry blood. What’s not to like.

4) Captain Crunch Doughnut: Doughnut meets breakfast cereal for a crunch sugar-coma inducing delight.

5) The Bachelorette: Popular with bachorlette parties, this doughnut is best left to the imagination. Let’s just say they advertise it as being “triple cream filled.”

“My husband and I were privileged to see Portland through the eyes of your Resident Expert, Herb, on April 12. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Herb not only knows Portland, but he loves the City, and his enthusiasm was contagious. This was our first visit to Portland, and thanks in part to all we learned from Herb, we will be back for more. Thank you, Herb!”

– Helene Morris, New Mexico

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