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Personalized Pancakes, PB & J Fries, and a 6-Month Wait, Oh My!

We don’t like to brag, and yet sometimes we want to yell it from the rooftops! Here in Portland we sure do love food, and have been nominated numerous times as one of the top ten foodie cities in the country. We literally have every option you can think of from fancy five star restaurants to inexpensive food carts. But some of our favorites are often one-of-a-kind spots that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Check out the list below and head out on a tasty adventure, and remember, we’re just trying to live up to our motto…Keep Portland Weird!

1. Slappy Cakes (4246 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215)


Image courtesy of Ainsley F. on Yelp

A perfect place to express your creative chops through food. You literally get to cook your own pancakes at your table, with a built in griddle for your batter, and toppings of your choice. They get people of all ages, and special occasions like birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or family reunions are always welcome. Go here and expect to Read more »»»

In the Spotlight: Meet Portland Walking Tour Guide Joe Streckert, or as We Call Him, Mr. Versatile

We’re going to be honest: we’re pretty wowed by our tour guide, Joe Streckert. Not only is he a native Portlander (yes they do exist!), which is a rarity these days in a city full of transplants, he actively leads five out of our seven different types of tours. How he keeps them all straight we’re not really sure. Clearly ‘versatile’ is his middle name. We’re excited that Joe took time out of his ultra busy schedule to talk to us about all the changes to his hometown, what he sometimes misses about living in Japan, and what makes Portland seagulls different (yes really).

First, a little background. Joe left Portland after graduating from Lincoln High School to attend the University of Oregon in Eugene where he majored in political science and according to him — decided to minor in philosophy for some utterly unknown reason. He claims Read more »»»

A Detailed Look at the Abundance of Public Art in Portland, Oregon

Expose yourself to art! Here in Portland that’s easy, because art is literally everywhere. Whether you are a creator, appreciator, or both, you can constantly feed your imagination by viewing original works in all shapes and sizes on the street, in parks, on buildings, and more! Furthermore, we have a fantastic program called Percent for Art that ensures that our lovely collection of public art is always growing. The program mandates that all high-priced city construction projects devote at least two percent of funding to public art. Everybody wins: the architects and engineers get their projects beautified, the artists (many of whom are local) gain recognition (and employment!) and the public gains easy access to art. And in a city so full of creative energy, we know that the inspiration from these pieces feeds right back into the creation of more art!

These artworks are permanent, so you can revisit your favorite statues, murals, and fountains while you discover new ones that find their way into the city. Directly downtown there is a concentration of statues along the Transit Mall (SW Fifth and Sixth avenues). Probably the best known of this collection is Kvinneakt, which is featured in the famous poster entitled “Expose Yourself to Art” with former Portland mayor Bud Clark.


In Pioneer Courthouse Square there is the really neat Weather Machine and also Allow Me which has been affectionately nicknamed “Umbrella Man.” It doesn’t matter that Portlanders do not tend to Read more »»»

See Jesus Rock Out in Portland! Post 5 Theatre Hosts Michael Streeter’s Jesus Christ Superstar

What’s the buzz in Portland these days? For a limited time only Post 5 Theatre is hosting Michael Streeter’s Production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Something you may not know is JCS was actually a studio album first, but became so popular that it was turned into a full stage rock operetta. Not only has Portland not produced this show in over a decade, this show pushes what we thought about biblical times by having women throughout. Be ready to watch a fun-filled show full of passion and awe-inspiring talent all under one roof, which just happens to be an old church. Shows are selling out, so we advise purchasing advanced tickets! Details below.

WHAT: Jesus Christ Superstar
WHEN: August 11th -August 20th at 8pm (Thursday-Sunday)
*Special sing-along performance on Wednesday August 17th at 8pm
COST: $25 (not including ticketing fees)
WHERE: Post 5 Theatre, 1666 SE Lambert St, Portland, OR 97202
WHY: Because it’s a rockin’ musical!
Order your advanced tickets here!

Article by Adriana Bordea

A Dessert Lover’s Paradise in Portland: Cupcakes, Donuts, Pies, Dessert Cocktails & More!

Have you ever noticed you’re especially drawn to sweets or that your favorite meal of the day is what comes after dinner? Well it sounds like you might have a sweet tooth, and we’ve got just what you need! Check out this list of some of the best dessert spots in downtown Portland including decadent chocolates, battle of the donuts, and even dessert cocktails. You might get an extreme sugar rush if you try too much at once, so take your time. Now go have some fun!



Image courtesy of Laicy F. on Yelp

Rocket Fizz Portland
535 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

1022 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209



Image courtesy of Abi Porter on Flickr

Read more »»»

In the Spotlight: Meet Portland Walking Tour Guide Jen Endicott, Our Resident Spice Girl and All-Around Superwoman

Jen Endicott is funny . . . really funny. We are genuinely thrilled to have her as one of our tour guides. Read on to find out why we think she’s a superwoman, why she thinks you should take a walking tour, and to find out some seriously bizarre stories from some of her tours. Warning: you may laugh throughout this whole blog post!

Jen originally hails from the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley, and moved to Oregon in 1993. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Spanish and then worked as a child advocate for the welfare system. Married with an almost eleven-year-old daughter and a chihuahua named Diego Mang whom she found, Jen has many talents and has done many things. In addition to being one of our trusty guides, she is working on developing some all natural skin products for kids. She has also taken her love of estate sales to a profit-bearing level and is selling treasures on eBay. She has even been an extra on Grimm! In fact, this lovely photo landed her the gig. As long as we’ve known her she’s had her own salsa business, so of course we asked her about that, too.


1) How long have you lived in Portland and what brought you here? What do you like about living here?

I’ve lived in Portland for almost 20 years. I had lived in Eugene for a couple of years after graduating from the University of Oregon and decided to move to Portland after developing a severe allergy to patchouli and people that are barefoot. I think what I like most about living in Portland is Read more »»»

From City Streets to Curated Galleries, Portland Art is Everywhere!

Portland has become an art mecca and you can find different styles of art on almost every corner. Whether it’s adding a whimsical mural on the side of a hotel, styling a statue in knitted attire to keep them warm, city-inspired tattoos adorning residents’ bodies, or even adding a “D” to the “NE” on the street sign “NE Flanders St” (The Simpsons reference), we absolutely adore it! Below you will find the various ways Portland expresses itself through art. Some of these are a little unconventional, but as the motto says … “Keep Portland Weird!”

Bridges, trees, rain, roses … did we mention bridges? On your way through downtown you might pass by a person or two sporting some Portland-inspired body art to express their endless devotion to this city they call home. There’s even one tattoo artist in town who is known for inking up Timbers Army members and Read more »»»

Find Your Perfect Piece of Portland at the New Gift Shop at Pioneer Courthouse Square


Chachkies, souvenirs, artisan gifts … whatever your preferred nomenclature, you’re sure to find a perfect piece of Portland to take home at the new gift shop located in the Portland Walking Tours box office under Pioneer Courthouse Square. You’ll find a large selection of more than 80 unique and clever expressions of Portland for your own stash, or a special gift for friends and family. Featured items include t-shirts, keychains, magnets, tote bags, locally published Portland-themed books, postcards, stickers, shot glasses, coffee mugs, water bottles, and much more! These unique items are a tribute to Portland’s most well-loved traditions and landmarks, and many are even created by local Portland artists!

Whether it’s a St Johns bridge tote bag, Oregon is for Lovers t-shirt, Keep Portland Weird bumper sticker, or a PDX carpet postcard, the variety of super cool Portland swag in the shop ensures that you’ll have as much fun shopping as you will watching faces light up when you give these special gifts. Open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Mention this blog post for a FREE “Keep Portland Weird” bumper sticker when you spend $10 or more on gift shop merchandise! Offer valid through July 2016, and while supplies last. Limit one sticker per person.


Article by Stephanie Paris

Piano. Push. Play. Music and Art Gracing the Streets, Parks, and Establishments of Portland


Photo courtesy of Natasha Kelly

Imagine you woke up one day and were told that many beautifully decorated pianos had arrived in the coolest locations around Portland for anyone to play. You’d think you were dreaming, right? Well, thanks to the organization Piano.Push.Play., you’re not! They rescue pianos from local piano companies, send them to local designers to put their individual creative stamp on them, and then deliver them every summer to various places in downtown and other areas of Portland. Finding and playing the pianos has become a much awaited activity for many people and every year the number of pianos grows. This year there are 20. Yes, 20! And wait till you see them! Magnificent, magical, colorful, unique, whimsical . . . each one is incredibly special. Their visual splendor alone is reason to seek out these pianos.

Where can you find these precious instruments? In scenic parks with great photo ops such as Mount Tabor, Laurelhurst, Council Crest, and Cathedral Park; to downtown locations such as the Art Museum courtyard, City Hall, and the Oregon Historical Society; to establishments such as Doug Fir Lounge, ADX, and Tidbit Food Farm & Garden food cart pod — oh yes, we are serious, there are pianos everywhere! But they won’t be here forever, and they move around, too, so to keep up with their whereabouts be sure to download the free app, sign up for the PPP newsletter, or follow them on Facebook.

Whether you are an accomplished pianist with Chopin in your back pocket, or chopsticks is more your speed, go find a piano and play your heart out. It’s an experience you won’t forget, and neither will the passersby who are lucky enough to be a part of your musical joy. These pianos are a treat for the eyes, ears, and need we say spirit. Because really, whose day isn’t improved by the happy sounds of a piano being played? For more information, and to see all the pianos, visit the Piano. Push. Play website. 

Article by Natasha Kelly

Native Fashion Now: A New Exhibit at the Portland Art Museum

Native Fashion Now, a new magnificent and groundbreaking exhibit of contemporary Native American fashion at the Portland Art Museum, is sure to please, inspire, and amaze. Featuring almost 100 works from 71 designers representing a wide range of Native communities in both the US and Canada, the exhibit spans the 1950s to the present. You’ll see garments, accessories, and footwear illustrating everything from casual streetwear to glamorous haute couture. The exuberant, colorful and innovative pieces emphasize highly skilled hand craftsmanship and reflect themes of cultural identity and tradition from this population that is bursting forth with self expression on the fashion scene. Read more »»»