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Are you in Thanksgiving Shape?

November 4th, 2013

The Big Feast is coming. It’s just a few weeks away.

And while we have no intention of diverting you from the main point of the occasion – taking a few moments to give thanks for our amazing bounty and good fortune – we do want you to be ready for the main event.

As in, dinner.

Every year we hear stories of people over-eating on T-Day and groaning afterwards that they’re not used to eating that much.

What that tells us is that you need to get in Thanksgiving Shape.

Thanksgiving Shape is the ability to enjoy moderate quantities of a variety of quality foods over the course of several hours – and find ways to burn off the extra calories right away.

Walking while eating, for example.

We’re not doctors (nor do we play one on TV) but we have the perfect prescription.

The Epicurean Excursion, the Flavor Street Walking Tour and (for dessert) Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour will get you eating the good stuff, in just the right amounts to really savor the flavors, while walking off each and every calorie* in preparation for the next bite.

At the end of this trio of tours, you’ll be in Thanksgiving Shape. We promise.

* Remember, we’re not doctors.

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