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Be part of Beervana

April 5th, 2011

Portlanders love their beer festivals, not least the ones with great food, music, and other treats. Most of us attend these events with the aim of tasting a number of new brews and spend a fair amount of time asking the folks pouring our samples for tasting notes or interesting tidbits about the drinks they’re serving us.

But did you know that you could become one of THEM?

The folks pouring those excellent beers and wines at our festivals are volunteers. They get trained by event staff on proper pour levels, customer service and a few other important bits and often get rewarded with T-shirts, a commemorative mug, some scrip – and some wonderful experiences.

The next such event coming up is the 17th Annual Spring Beer and Wine Fest. Often acclaimed as having the best beer and wine under one roof anywhere, the Fest, like many of its competitors, operates through the hard work and good will of volunteers.

It’s a lot of fun. Consider it, and if you’re interested, sign up (and get more info) at http://www.springbeerfest.com/volunteers.htm.