Portland Walking Tours

Body Beautiful

October 16th, 2012

The rains have started, and as much as we’d like to have you on our tours all the live-long day, we know there’s only so much gallavanting in the mist we can convince you to do.

So, when you’re not taking in the hilarious stories of Portland’s lurid past or amazing present, and you’re looking for something way cool to do indoors, you might want to check out the Body Beautiful exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

We took in a guided tour (yes, we strongly believe in tours) of the exhibit, and the pieces on display are astounding. Some date back four or five centuries B.C.E. All are exquisite in their detail, beauty and lifelike representation of The Ideal of human form.

Truly, Portland is a way cool place if we can land a collection of ancient work like this for three solid months. (Yes, sadly, the exhibit ends January 6, 2013. Get thee there soon!)

More info at www.portlandartmuseum.org.