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Celebrate Oregon Craft Beer Month

July 5th, 2012

July is officially “Oregon Craft Beer Month,” and no place celebrates it better than here in Beer City.

Portland is known the world over for its beer, and its sister brewing cities across the state are no slouches, either.

With over 40 breweries now in the city limits and over 100 statewide, craft brewers continue to elbow their big megabrewing cousins aside when it comes to tap space in pubs, bars and especially festivals in the region.

Statewide events include the “11th Annual Roadhouse Brewfest” at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse on July 14, Fred Eckhardt’s 20th Annual Beer & Cheese Tasting at the Rogue Public House in Portland on July 24, and of course the 25th annual Oregon Brewer’s festival from July 26-29.

For more information, visit the Oregon Beer Month website at http://oregoncraftbeermonth.com/.