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Christmas and Chocolate, together again in Portland

December 17th, 2013

Quick quiz: after Halloween, at which holiday or festival do Americans consume the most chocolate?

A. Easter
B. Valentine’s Day
C. Christmas
D. Mother’s Day

(Hint: This is a Christmas-season blog.)

Chocolate Decadence Tour - drinking chocolate

Wouldn’t you love to sip this by a roaring fire?

Yes, it’s “C,” which coincidentally stands for Chocolate AND Christmas. This, we believe, is not a coincidence. Nor does Tony Thomas of Our City Radio, who recently took our Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour and loved it. (LOVED it! Thank you, Tony!)

It makes perfect sense. Chocolate makes (most) people happy. So does Christmas. Naturally they go together. But which chocolate should you buy for your gifting, your scrumptious holiday dinner desserts, for hot cocoa by a roaring fire as you watch the little ones (aged 2 to 102) open presents?

Well, you could do a lot of personal research (which, trust me, is hard, hard work… sorta…). Or you could do what Tony and his colleagues did: they went on the Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour with our highly informed and engaging Resident Experts who have already done the necessary research – and who bring you the sweet results to enjoy, as you taste chocolate of all kinds, textures, derivations and combinations all over downtown.

We think you’ll find a lot of great gift ideas along the way. (Did we mention how much we love getting chocolate in our stockings?)

And hey, speaking of great gift ideas… a Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour gift certificate isn’t a bad place to start.

(Oh, and here’s a link to Tony’s great article. It’s definitely worth a read!)

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