Portland Walking Tours

Daily Tours, in Winter? You bet, Portland!

December 10th, 2013

Are we still running daily tours, you ask?

Do red-nosed reindeer still fly, we respond?

(You had BETTER be answering yes to that, Rudolph.)

While it’s true that it’s gotten kind of chilly outside, and that in past years we’ve gone to our weekends-only “winter” schedule a few weeks before the official solstice, this year we’re still putting boots to the ground on Portland streets and finding that locals and visitors alike still love seeing and hearing of Portland’s fascinating parks, art, histories, festivities and more.

So, Monday thru Thursday you can take a Best of Portland or Underground Portland Walking Tour. On weekends we’re still running the full regimen of tours, so you can still taste, ghost-hunt and laugh your way around the city.

As long as you’re up for it, so are we. No matter how chilly it gets.

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