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Do you know where the ghosts are, Portland?

October 10th, 2013

Are you ready for Halloween?

We don’t mean just having candy on hand and the best Breaking Bad costume ideas. What we mean is – do you know where the ghosts are?

You might want to gear up to help your explorations. And we have just the thing.

Here are five ideas that will get you on the path to the paranormal:

1. Go ghost-hunting with a group.

Before setting out on your own, all riffed out with your EVO detector and garlic necklace, you might want to get your courage up by joining with some like-minded, equally courageous souls (those still with bodies attached, we mean) on a ghost-hunting tour. Like this one.

2. Read all about it.

Sure, you want to discover your own haunts, but do you have the time? Local experts have already sussed out the most likely places (and it ain’t in the corporate haunted house near big box department stores in the suburbs, hint, hint). Buy their books and read all about it. It’s a big time-saver.

3. Get your own gear.

Now that you know the most likely spots to find spooky dead people, you need tools. If you’ve taken the tours you know which ones you need. Now you need to know where to buy them. Like, here, on Big Red Arrow, Portland’s Community Box Office, where you can snag them at the very start of your tour.

4. Talk to the experts.

Now you’re ready to mix it up with psychics, ghost-hunters and experience paranormal scientists. But where will you find them? On the Way Beyond Bizarre special halloween event, that’s how! And, yup, you guessed it. We’ve got a link for that too.