Portland Walking Tours

Don’t Play Hunger Games – Come to Flavor Street

March 30th, 2012

In Suzanne Collins’ wildly popular trilogy and new motion picture, “Districts” send teenagers into a battle to the death without food, defense against the elements or really any idea of what they’re up against. And they get very hungry, very fast.

Great story, but we prefer adventures where we end up well-fed by a variety of great food served quickly by friendly people. We prefer the aroma of amazing food – sniffing rather than snuffing. And we prefer the civilized, welcoming environment of downtown Portland over the jungles, deserts and other crazy “arenas” of Panem.

That’s why we’re bringing you Flavor Street, our newest tour, an immersion into Portland’s famous and rapidly-expanding food cart scene.

Tours begin May 1 – right about the time Hunger Games disappears from theaters.

You’ll be up for a nosh around then, won’t you?