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Eastside Streetcar on track for Fall 2011!

April 30th, 2009

Right now in 2009, the Portland Streetcar stays firmly planted on the Westside of the city, looping from the South Waterfront through Downtown and the Pearl District and the Nob Hill neighborhoods.

Today, the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a $30 million federal investment in the Eastside Portland Streetcar Project, providing a key portion of monies needed to complete a eastside extension of the service over the Willamette River. With this additional $30 million added to the project, we now have a total of $75 million in federal money. The other $45 million was already included in the President Obama’s 2009 omnibus spending bill. It now looks this long-planned extension of 3.3 miles is finally going to happen after years of the Bush Administration holding off and creating obstacles.

Read on for more info and a map.

The project extends the streetcar system east from downtown over the Broadway Bridge, connecting into the Lloyd District. It will then head south on Grand Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to a new ramp to be built at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, where – in 2015 – a new light rail line to Milwaukie will be built. There’s expected to be 28 new streetcar stops and, once there’s a new bridge built for the Portland-Milwaukie light rail, the Eastside Portland Streetcar will cross that bridge, closing a new streetcar loop in our city.

Not only does this create a way of reducing automobile vehicle miles, but estimates say it’ll create 1200 new jobs, an expected 2.4 million square feet of new development, and will transport 3.5 million new riders per year.

Regardless if you are a local or visitor, whenever you join one of the daily 10 a.m. “Best of Portland” walking tour, we give you an inside look into the past, current and future transportation alternatives. The next time you’re on the tour, be sure to ask about any of these new transportation projects including the young Portland to Lake Oswego streetcar plans.

Follow the aqua lines to see where the Eastside Portland Streetcar is going: