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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Portland

December 30th, 2013

We’re busy making New Year’s resolutions around here, and while we’ve included the usual suspects on the list (that we’d rather not share) we came up with a few that we think would be nice for all of Portland to consider.

Everything's better with chocolate. Especially 2014.

Everything’s better with chocolate. Especially 2014.

1) Eat more chocolate.

Yes, more, not less. After all, Chocolate Fest is coming up.

2) Walk more, bark less

Our dogs contributed this one. They love walks, and so do we, and like some of them, we don’t have tails, so “wag more” was right out. And easy on the horn there, fella. We’re in the crosswalk.

3) Once a month, do something new.

Considering how many fun options Portland offers on stage, screen, street, and sidewalk cafe, we think this one should be easy. And since we’ve already jaywalked, we’re not getting cross-wise with #2.

4) Celebrate the daily “wins.”

Every day, each of us does something good (or, does something rather well). No more beating ourselves up for screwing up the little stuff. It’s all about noticing when we – and others – do things that make the world a better place. And speaking of which…

waiter5) Tip better.

Waiters, valets, baristas, bag handlers, and yes, tour guides are among the hardest-working people we’ve ever met. They depend on tips for their living and make life better for us. Isn’t that worth 15-20%? We think so.

Happy New Year!

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