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Fly the Colors, Show the Love for the Oregon Ducks

January 4th, 2011

Get on your Green and Gold – our state’s unofficial colors for the coming week.

Six days remain before the University of Oregon Ducks football team takes on the Auburn Tigers for the official national championship in Glendale, Arizona. Kickoff is at 5 PM Portland (or Eugene) time next Monday, January 10.

Even fans of the Oregon State Beavers, the Ducks’ cross-valley rivals, have to admit that having our state’s name bandied about in the championship hoopla is pretty exciting. it’s good not only for the U of O, but for “The O” – Oregon – in general.

The game, and the lead-up publicity to it, generates income as well as favorable attention to our state and region. People learn a good deal more about Oregon’s natural beauty, the excellence of our state’s colleges and universities, the diversity of our cities, towns, landscapes, and seascapes, and the many quirky attractions that draw visitors year-round.

One of Oregon’s largest employers, our own home-grown Nike Corporation, sure believes in it. They’ve outfitted the players with brand-new green, gold, and white uniforms, special to the championship game.

But don’t let the players have all the fun. Let’s get our own green and gold on. Be a Quacker Backer and fly the colors this week. Wear your own green and gold sweatshirts, hats, shirts and slacks (and gloves, coats and scarves) whenever you go out this week. If your Duck duds have a bright, visible “O” on them, so much the better, but wear it out nonetheless. If you don’t have any, almost all of our local vendors would be happy to help you obtain some.

Wear it downtown as you shop or ride MAX. Wear it to work. Wear it to your favorite pub, the theater, or heck, to the opera if you’re going. (This is Oregon, after all. Casual is king.)

It’ll show support for our soon-to-be-champions – and draw a few friendly smiles and high-fives from fellow Duck fans along the way.