Portland Walking Tours

Give the gift of Greatness: Our City

December 20th, 2010

This season, give something different and memorable: memorable experiences of our great city.

Gift Certificates from Portland Walking Tours will not only bring huge smiles to the faces of your loved ones. They’ll bring first-hand encounters with some of the greatest things about Portland – such as our history and architecture, secrets of our deep-seated dark past, tastes of fine food and chocolate (yum!) and direct experience hunting down the city’s haunted past.

The certificates make great stocking-stuffers – much better than candy canes or yet another orange.

Our short walks are great exercise, too (but not strenuous workouts… no push-ups, we promise!), so any calories consumed don’t count. Just ask anybody.

Certificates are available for specific tours or for any amount you choose. It’s fast and easy – click here to buy now or call us at 503.774.4522 to order. You can have your certificates in hand in 24 hours. A great last-minute Christmas gift option!