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Got a question for the “great beyond,” Portland?

October 15th, 2013

Ever wanted to ask a question of those who have gone to the Great Beyond, but didn’t know how?

Way Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour

Way Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour

If you go Way Beyond Bizarre, you’ll get that chance. And you’ll get to pick up ghost-hunting tips from the pros while using real ghost-hunting gear while you’re at it – all while exploring some of Portland’s most haunted spots.

The Way Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour is a special opportunity – offered only in the Halloween season – to get deep into the science, technology and how-to’s of ghost-hunting and conversing with the “other side,” all while exploring haunted sites normally off-limits to our regular wacky, hilarious “Beyond Bizarre” tours.

Interested? Better act soon! The special “early bat” price of $49.99 – over 1/3 off – is about to expire. Buy your tickets today!