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Five Great Resolutions for 2012

December 30th, 2011

We know you’ve  made up  your mind to make 2012 your best year ever. So have we. But rather than pretend that we’re REALLY going to hit the gym every day like we did last year (and made it, all the way through January 3… almost), this year we’re going a different direction. And we hope you’ll join us in resolving to:

  • Walk a lot more, and not just to get somewhere, but to really see and enjoy the  beautiful city around us. And, oh yeah… for exercise.
  • Forget eating in moderation… we’re going to indulge. But when we do, we’ree going to eat fresh  and local. The best, most delicious produce, meats and dairy are fresh, local, organic, seasonal and sustainable, and that’s what belongs on our plate.
  • Drink in moderation… most of the time… but again, when we do, it will be local. The world’s finest beer, wine, and of course coffee are all produced right here in Portland. We want to support that.
  • Explore the city. We’re going to learn something new about it, if not every day then at least on a regular basis. We’ll share what we learn here, so check back now and again… and who knows, maybe it’ll turn into something new and tour-worthy.
  • Celebrate. Portland’s a great place to live, with fascinating, diverse opportunities to live fully every day. We’re going to give credit to our city and our local heroes who make it so.

We hope you’ll join us in these five resolutions. Imagine if everyone here did – what an amazing city we’d have.

Oh, yeah… we do.