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Here’s proof: Portland is best at… everything!

January 6th, 2014

Everyone’s got a list, it seems. But when it comes to the list of who’s best – it’s almost always Portland.

In 2013, Portland was ranked among top cities for:

  • Meeting People:
    • Best 10 Cities for Single Women (Shape)
    • #10 City for Men (Men’s Health)
    • #2 City for Families to Visit (Parents).
  • Creative People:
    • 20 Great American Cities for Writers (flavorwire.com)
    • #5 City to Be a Moviemaker (moviemaker.com)
  • Alternative lifestyles:
    • Most Hipster City in America (Estately blog)
    • #5 spot for Best US Cities for Hippies (movato.com blog).
    • #5 Most Tattooed City in America (total beauty.com)
    • #2 Most Vegan-Friendly City in 2013 (PETA)
    • #1 Bike-Friendly City (Bicycling)
  • Just plain good stuff:
    • #10 among the Fastest-Growing Cities in America (Forbes).
    • #1 Beer Town in America

But it’s not all roses in Rose City. Here’s some lists we didn’t want to make:

  • #36 Worst-Dressed Cities in America
  • 154th out of 200 on Allstate’s ranking of America’s Best Drivers.
  • America’s 11th Snobbiest City (Travel + Leisure)

Snobby? Us? Maybe all of those Top 10 lists have gone to our heads.

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