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Honoring Dr. King and his legacy

January 20th, 2014

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King – his life, his legacy, his accomplishments, his vision.

There are many ways to honor Dr. King. Many of us take the day off from work, hopefully spending at least part of that time reflecting on the sacrifices and leadership he put forth to make the world and in particular our country a better place. Considering some of the shameful ways that people of color have been treated over the years, including in Oregon, it is well worth taking that moment to thank him, albeit posthumously, for all that he has done.

Many remember him by rereading his speeches, such as his “I Have a Dream” speech. Words well worth remembering.

Some remember his marches for freedom, equality and justice. A worthy endeavor. We need not all march, but perhaps as we walk around our beautiful city, we can march with Dr. King in spirit if not in person.

How we choose to honor him, though, is perhaps not as important as just making sure that we do. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude – no matter what the color of our own skin.

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