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How do we pick Queen Rosaria?

March 8th, 2011

The selection process for the Rose Festival Court of Ambassadors is well underway – about halfway through – with new announcements coming just about daily. The final Court Ambassador (formerly called Princesses) will be selected by Marshall High School on Friday, March 18.

How does one become a Rose Festival Ambassador?

Each of Portland’s high schools chooses one member of the Court. Suburban schools also jointly choose another Ambassador. Internal processes for choosing members of the court vary by school, but anyone wishing to apply must:

  • Be Female
  • Attend a 4A, 5A or 6A high school in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas counties
  • Be a senior graduating in June 2011 or a junior on track to graduate in June 2012
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Have a verifiable minimum of 20 hours community service performed during high school
  • Have submitted a complete application by December 15, 2010
  • Have attended a mandatory orientation session in January 2011
  • Participate in the Court Selection process

Then judges evaluate candidates for Rose Queen based on the following criteria:

  • Character (50%): demonstration of good citizenship (e.g. is she involved in school and other activities? Does she show clear desires to help others?)
  • Communication Skills (25%): (e.g. speaks clearly, expresses herself appropriately with correct grammar and good eye contact)
  • Presence (25%): (e.g. is poised under pressure, prepared for speech and interview, enthusiastic, sincere, comfortable with herself, appropriate grooming)

Festival officials are emphatic that the competition is NOT a beauty contest. This is not to say that our Rosarias have not all been beautiful, but rather, their beauty is measured in many important ways besides how pleasing to the eye their enthusiastic smiles may be.

Good luck and congratulations to all members of Rosaria’s Court in 2011.