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If it rains on my tour, can I get a refund?

May 18th, 2012

We get this question a lot. (Hopefully less and less now that the dry season is upon us.)

In fact, we get a lot of questions a lot. Some of them could be answered by a careful read of the website, but we understand that people often don’t have access, or they read it too quickly, or for whatever reason can’t find the answers there.

So we decided to try to provide them here.

In this occasional blog series, we’ll tackle your most common questions – from the easy to the tough – and deal with them frankly. Because you want answers. And you deserve them.

So, without further ado:


Our tours, like the show, must go on, rain or shine. And they’re designed to minimize the discomfort you might experience in Portland’s drizzle, showers, misting, and all of the other dozen or so words we have for that four-letter one, “rain.”

Our tickets are sold like concert or other event tickets. If the show goes on and you’re not there, well, you’ve missed it.

That being said, we will issue refunds if, for whatever unfortunate reason, on that rare occasion must cancel a tour. If so, we’ll call you. (This is why we ask for your phone number when you buy tickets.) At that point you’ll have the option of rescheduling, obtaining a gift certificate/voucher for a future tour, or a refund.

That being said, we’re reasonable people. We want you to experience our tours. So if you miss your tour, call us. We’ll meet you more than halfway.