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Portland hosts GMIC Sustainability Conference

February 22nd, 2011

Portland’s reputation as one of North America’s most sustainable cities gets a boost this week as the world’s greenest meeting planners, hotels, conference hosts and support vendors converge on the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel for three days of brainstorming on sustainable conferences, or “green meeting,” practices at the 2011 GMIC Sustainable Meetings Conference.

Over 500 attendees – including some 70 “virtual” attendees participating via Internet video link, chat, and Twitter – have jammed the DoubleTree’s meeting spaces, sharing and developing new best practices for minimizing the carbon and waste footprints of America’s favorite corporate activity – having meetings.

Attendees are also getting treated to a view of Portland’s innovations in the sustainability front, such as our free downtown MAX light rail system, a bicycle building game for charity led by Run Brain Run, and a series of tours, including our Epicurean Excursion which focuses on the FLOSS ethic (fresh, local, organic, seasonable and sustainable).

One interesting presentation in Monday’s proceedings came from LooptWorks, a Portland company that produces clothing from

salvage fabrics – i.e. perfectly usable and attractive cloth discarded by major manufacturers for being a shade too dark, red, or… whatever (insert non-green-color here).

If you happen to see some smiling, healthy people wearing convention badges and beautiful jeans or T-shirts that didn’t take 400 gallons of waste water to produce, tell them thanks for meeting with us – and for keeping it green.