Portland Walking Tours

Portland in Top Ten for Walking

April 29th, 2009

According to a recent study by Prevention Magazine, Portland rang in at the number 9 slot on walkable cities. Selection of the best cities for walking were based on 19 criteria, including population density per square mile, use of mass transit, crime rates, and square miles of local and state parks.

Considering all of the positive feedback from many of our tour guests, we think that Portland should have ranked higher. Visitors often remark about our city’s cleanliness, the spacious sidewalks and general abundance of greenery outside of formal park areas. Of course, having the world’s smallest city park didn’t help us increase our Park square footage, but maybe we should lobby for a category for weird. We could definitely score higher than 9th in weirdness. If you’ve ever gone on our Underground or Beyond Bizarre tours, you would probably agree.