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Portland is the 7th Fittest City

June 12th, 2009

According to a 2009 report from the American Fitness index (www.americanfitnessindex.org), Portland is ranked #7 as one of the fittest cities in the US.

What other cities think they can even compare to us? Well Minneapolis, Denver, Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle fill the number two through six spots, respectively. Fine, fine, but the shocker at the top spot of all cities is none other than Washington, DC.!!!!

The AFI report reflects a composite of preventive health behaviors, levels of chronic disease conditions, health care access, as well as community resources and policies that support physical activity. In addition to a data report, AFI is a program designed to help communities identify opportunities to improve the health of their residents and expand community assets to better support active, healthy lifestyles.
Let’s take the top spot in 2010 Portland.